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Sorry, I'm not able to figure out the cause of your misunderstanding. Do you appreciate that X24Secret asked about waiving the monthly fee (a separate issue from qualifying for the $300) and your answer of 3 months is wrong? Perhaps you think the account can be closed after getting the $300? It can't, unless you want risk paying a $300 invoice clawback. If X24Secret wants to waive fees every month, we're talking about at least 12 months of recurring DD/PADs.

I'm not here for an argument. Seriously I'm just trying to help out where I can.

I never suggested that one could leave after you get your $300. And I mentioned in my earlier post that $3000 was required to waive fees.

But I don't think 12 months of PADs are required.
The CSR I spoke to said it's just until you get your $300.
But you do have to keep the account for the full 12 months.

Even the T&C dont specifically say all 12 months need to have required reaccuring payments.
I'm willing to be corrected on this.



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