Paytm Canada Promo Code Megathread [Last update on March 6, 2018]

Now we guide you through the whole process to take advantage of Paytm Canada promos.

Step 1. Sign up

Download Link for iPhone (iOS)

Download Link for Android phones

If you are a student of the following schools, use your school email to register AND the corresponding referral code to get free $20 sign-up bonus (Paytm Cash). This is a limited-time offer which ends on March 16, 2018.

  • University of Toronto (referral code: UToronto)
  • Dalhousie (referral code: Dal)
  • U of Calgary (referral code: UCalgary)
  • University of Alberta (referral code: UAlberta)
  • Seneca (referral code: Seneca)
  • Queens (referral code: QueensU)
  • University of Guelph (referral code: UOGuelph)
  • Carleton University (referral code: Carleton)
  • University of Waterloo (referral code: UWaterloo)
  • University of Windsor (UWindsor)
  • Simon Fraser University (referral code: SFU)
  • University of Ottawa (referral code: UOttawa)
  • Trent University (referral code: TrentU)
  • McGill university (referral code: McGill)
  • Western University (referral code: UWO).

In other cases, use code PTM2075711, so that when you bill payment reaches $50, Paytm Canada will give you $10 Paytm Cash, which can be used towards next bill payment.

Step 2. Add payment methods

I hereby highly recommend adding a MasterCard due to no convenience fee (compared to Visa/AmEx) and high processing efficiency (compared to bank account).

Step 3. Add billers

Step 4. Confirm the amount, payment method and pay.

Now it is the time to use Promocode. Here are what you can use.
  • $10 Paytm Cashback on first-time cellphone carrier bill payments. Use code Fido/Freedom/Virgin/Rogers/Koodo/Telus. New customers only. Codes expire on March 16, 2018.
  • Code 2NDBILL - Receive 10% cashback when you make a bill payment to any different company (max $20). Tips - if it doesn't work, pay the bill anyway, then forward the payment confirmation email to, briefly explain the issue. I've tried, and Paytm Canada credited me the $20 Paytm Cash.
The last thing is to hit 'Proceed to Pay'.

To check the payment status, navigate to 'Past Transactions'. 'Accepted' means Paytm Canada has received and is processing your payment request. 'Paid' means the money has been successfully received by the biller.


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